Today I am going to tell you about one of my weirdest, coolest and the best friend I ever had. His name is Barney Stinson. Actually I met him in a cafe around five years back and I was drinking wine siting in the corner that when he came to me and said that he is going to be some education on how to live awesome life and be a cracker jack that is how to get all that you desired in life and make me understood the definition of life.

He was looking like a spying agent with all the suits and ties polish and he was also wearing diamond ring which made me think of him as a Richie rich and he gave me the expression to get the hell out of there, so we did an reached this casino along with strip club and gaming area. First we talked and played laser tag for some time, after that he made me go to the casino section, and there was some event going on and we got the coupons to play Cracker Jack online casino slot for the trial

And we played online pokies australia and win some money, obviously being a beginner I was just watching him playing and he made me introduced with the gambling industry. And I thought of him a big player so I searched him online on the Facebook but couldn’t find any by the name. I was seeing so many flavors in one night and I was pretty impressed with his game play and he was winning on the pokie slots with so much ease. Cracker Jack is three reels, single line, and 2 coin classic based on Vegas theme pokie machine game, which means there are 3 spinning reels from which we have to form our winning combinations.

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