Online gambling is huge. It’s not just big, but it’s huge. Online casinos and even high-street bookmakers are flourishing in an economy hit hard by the recession. Online casinos were first established in 1995. Over the past decade, the phenomenon has grown exponentially.

This industry has grown despite bad publicity, poor economies, and other government-imposed obstacles. It is hard to imagine a time without them. Online casino guides provide a wealth of information on the best places to place bets and are great guides to finding the best online casinos.

These are the top 5 reasons they are great for businesses and the economy.

1) There is no dress code

The atmosphere was a major reason people avoided regular casinos. The strict dress code, waiting in line, and other rules that surrounded the casino experience put people off. Online casino play is just as restricted as watching TV in your living room.

2) Bonus Bonus Bonus:

Online operators will often offer cash bonuses for signing up. Few high-street businesses will pay you to enter their front doors. You will find fewer businesses that offer free spins, monthly prize draws and other freebies. Including vouchers for high street shops.

3) Location, Location, Location:

Many people enjoy playing casino games every single day. This is not possible if you have to travel to the location. Online casinos allow you to play from anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop. This is the easiest way to play casino games.

4) Fun Factor:

Online casinos can be fun… for as long as you want. You can relax, take a drink, or smoke. These things are prohibited in most casinos. However, you can still talk with other players and watch TV while the computer is running. After cooking, turn off the laptop for an hour and then restart it. All the benefits of a casino without any of the disadvantages.

5) Private Life

Online gambling has many benefits, according to some pro-gamers. For many, it’s simply being able to play without any other people influencing you or making noise. Online casinos are the future of gambling. These businesses have a huge economy. They all require employees, web designers and coders. People are making a lot of money each day, enough to buy a car and sometimes even pay off their mortgage.

This is what you would call impact.

Morne Campher, MD of Gutcam Holdings. They are the hosts of the online casino guide Ultimate Online Casinos.